About us

Our location


Located in the Gold Coast hinterland, we are situated on 7.5 acres of lush former dairy farmland in a quiet valley. 

We purchased and started building in 2008, finally moving in during 2009. We continue to make additions and improvements as the years go by.

Don't be fooled by our location, we can actually get to many places on the Gold Coast faster than those living in suburbia closer to the coastline. We are 15mins from Nerang and Helensvale, 20 mins from Ashmore and 25 minutes from Southport and Robina.

2018-07-15 11-53-41.jpg
2018-07-15 11-53-41.jpg

Reducing our footprint


We have a number of things in place that helps reduce our footprint.

  • full battery solar system that runs many things in the house

  • separate tank water systems for humans and horses totalling 84,000 litres

  •  septic and grey water systems

  • recycling and bottle/can return

  • small herb and vege garden

​Some of this is due to being too far out of 'town' to have all infrastructure but we are capable of running the house during power outages.

Our residents



Karinya Vale is the permanent home to

  • two humans 

    • tech savvy brother Paul

    • arty/horsey/sciencey/teachery sister Georgina

  • one cat - Mayhem, who takes after his name

  • one horse - Lucy, an old retired warmblood x TB, who is a gentle giant

  • and a flock of guinea fowl, who are crazy, hilarious, noisy and look like a herd of dinosaurs running about.

We also have some agisted horses and lots of wildlife living here, even the occasional deer visits.

Georgina Bignell art teacher.jpg

Art Teacher


All art lessons are taught by Georgina Bignell who has spent far too long at uni and has way too many degrees including:

  • Bachelor of Fine Art (painting major, drawing minor)

  • Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary)

  • Bachelor of Science with Honours (Maths and Physics)


Georgina believes in a focus on sound basic knowledge. Because if you know things like how your materials work and how to perform particular tasks, all the technical stuff becomes automatic and you can focus on the creativity. With her you will learn the stuff you need to know to make your work last (archival) and to increase your skill levels.

Georgina has a Blue Card and enjoys teaching students of all ages and skill levels. She is happy to teach most art forms including print, photography and chain maille, but her speciality is painting and drawing in most mediums.

Art facilities


One of the double garages has been converted into a custom teaching studio complete with a sink. Tables, comfortable chairs, easels, drafting table, printing press and drying rack are available for use. We also have a collection of still life objects including a full size skeleton for your use.

Some materials and consumables are supplied in the studio. Basic materials and surfaces are available for purchase.

We also have a small gallery space in the house and a private studio for Georgina.

KV Art Studio 04.jpg
Karinya Vale agistment horse safe shelte

Equine facilities


Being a former dairy farm the land is quite fertile and drought tolerant. It has been divided up to include:

  • 2 stables with attached small paddock

  • 6 large paddocks with shelters

  • large paddock for riding/herd grazing

  • large runways to prevent socialising with off property horses.

​There is also

  • direct water access to every paddock

  • wire electric fencing with tape for visibility

  • lockable tack/feed shed

We are located in a quiet, horse friendly street. It is a very horsey area so it is relatively safe and common to ride around the roads. 

We are an easy drive to the highway, and conveniently located for all Pony Clubs and competition grounds on the Gold Coast and greater South East Queensland region.

Family history


The Bignell family moved to the ​Coomera Valley in the early 1870s. We are currently part of the fifth generation living on and near the original family farm. 

Bignells Road is nearby and we live just off Birds Road, another old district family that we are related to. 

We grew up on the corner of the old farm on Maudsland Road, which was once a dead end dirt road. We moved away for a number of years and establishing Karinya Vale in Maudsland was coming back home.

Samuel Bignell.jpg

Pictured: Samuel Bignell

Born: 14 September, 1838

Died: 14 September, 1898


Married to: Mary Ann Levey

Born: 1843

Died: 28th June 1933

Both were children of convicts. They had 12 children, passing on the Bignell property to the youngest living son, Clarence James Bignell.